Have you made any resolutions this year? How can your reach your goal? For many, becoming active, starting to workout, losing weight, or eating a healthy diet are the goals they want to achieve in the coming months. They will first register at a fitness center and go there regularly for the first few weeks. Then they will gradually give up and return to their old habits. It is unfortunate to say that, by experience, January is the busiest month of the training centers, but as of February, fewer and fewer people workout until half of them stop training as of March.

However, many people will continue their training and reach their goal. Many people still workout regularly without stopping. What makes these people different? They have not always been in shape. They have all made a decision at some point in their lives to get back into shape and they have followed through on it.

What differentiates those who give up after a few weeks from those who succeed is their preparation. Before you even begin, you must meet certain conditions. In order to achieve your goal, you must go through 5 essential steps to reach your goal for your training or lifestyle change.

This year, you will not be one of those who give up their resolutions. We take these steps to reach your goal. You will then be able to put these tips into practice and ensure that you succeed where many others have failed.

Have a clear goal

The first step to reach your goal is of course to have a goal. You have a resolution: get active, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, eat healthy. What if I told you that the resolutions I’ve just named are useless? The problem with these goals is that they are imprecise. Unclear goals will not motivate you to move forward and improve. At best, they will support you for a few weeks.
For your goal to work, you need to follow the SMART formula. This technique, as explained previously in various articles, allows you to target precisely and quantitatively what you want to achieve.


S: Specific. Your goal must be something specific.
M: Measurable. It must be quantifiable.
A: Attainable. You must be able to achieve it.
A: Realistic. Make sure it is a possible goal for you.
T: Time. How long will it take?

Then go ahead, take a piece of paper and detail your goal. The goal of losing weight could be: lose 10 pounds of fat in 2 months at a rate of 1 pound per week.

Have your solutions ready

Here’s an example of what can happen a few weeks after starting training. Sometimes the unexpected happens, you don’t have time today. You’ve had a big day, you’re tired, you feel sick. No problem, you’ll just workout tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, or the day after that. You could just forget about training this time.

Life is full of unexpected, and if you’re always waiting for the perfect day, well, it’s never going to happen. Only you can create it. How do you do it? By having a plan for the unexpected. Make a list of all the obstacles you might encounter when making a lifestyle change. Anything that pops into your head. If you’ve tried to get in shape in the past, what didn’t work? What caused you to give up?

Make a list

After making this list, write 2-3 solutions next to these obstacles. What could you do one day that your alarm clock didn’t go off? Woke up late and didn’t have time to workout before going to work? Could you do it tonight? Could you workout for 30 minutes instead of your usual time? Can you move around on your lunch hour? Whatever the obstacle, it is important that you find a solution that will work for you.

Once you’ve made this list, put it on your fridge and when one of these obstacles comes up, use one of these solutions. You’ll never be helpless when faced with the unexpected again.

This step to reach your goal is one of the most important because it will help you respond to the unexpected. You need to understand your motivations for becoming active. Why do you want to change? Are you doing it for your children, your grandchildren, your health, to feel better about yourself, to improve your self-confidence, to prove to yourself that you can succeed, for a competition? Keep in mind the motivation that drives you to change, because it will motivate you during difficult times.

Tell people about your goal!

Your goal won’t come true if you don’t say it out loud. Discussing your goal with your family, friends, and colleagues will greatly increase your chances of success. Not only will this allow you to have the support of those closest to you, but it will also put a beneficial pressure on yourself to help you achieve your resolution.

Having the support of your loved ones is very important if you want to reach your goal because they will be there to support you in your efforts. They may even decide to achieve this goal with you. Nothing is more motivating than receiving the approval and encouragement of family and friends. They will also ask you questions about your progress and results which will motivate you even more.

If you don’t tell anyone about your resolution, who will know that you kept it? No one will know that you didn’t go to the gym. So it doesn’t matter if I don’t workout tonight, right? However, if you’ve discussed your plans and they support you in your efforts, you won’t want to give up on your goal, because you know your colleagues will talk to you about it the next day.


If you have only one thing to remember from this article today, it should be the word planning. We all have a fast and hectic lifestyle these days. We get up in the morning, start the day, and it seems like it’s already time to make dinner and go to sleep. How do you find time to workout? You need to take a few minutes to sit down and plan your week.

When will you be able to be physically active, to go to the grocery store to buy healthy foods, or to cook healthy meals? Plan your week according to your schedule, but also according to your goal. Think about how important it is for you to reach your goal, what motivates you, and what are your priorities.


You don’t have time to work out in the evening, but you have time to watch your favourite TV shows? What’s most important to you? Your show or finding time to be active for better health and to watch your children and grandchildren grow up? It’s all about priorities. We will always find the time to do what is most important to us. And why not train at home in front of the television? It could be a good compromise!

In short, you need to plan your workout periods in your week, otherwise, it will pass without warning and your good resolutions will fly away. Don’t put off your training until tomorrow! Do your planning today and stick to your plan. What if something unexpected happens? Luckily, you’ve already made your list of solutions to deal with the unexpected.

Progress at your own pace!

This is a planning error that happens far too often. When planning your workouts, it is important to be honest and to be able to admit what you know or don’t know. Many people will start working out without a personalized program.

In most cases, people will go from machine to machine to try them all, or imitate some of the gym regulars, or watch youtube videos of people presenting exercises because they like their shape or the exercise they do.
There are several potential dangers to this practice.

First of all, the person you are imitating probably does not have the same goal as you do. Doing the same exercises will not necessarily help you reach your goal. Second, the person you are imitating is a regular and therefore already has a good foundation in training. Their muscles, tendons, and joints are already used to the impact of the exercises. If you are a beginner, however, your body is probably not ready to do the same exercises and you could be injured. Finally, by looking at a person, you will not have all the technical indications necessary for the proper execution of the exercises. Some complex movements require you to contract certain muscles or eliminate certain movements.

Get all the information you can gather

To achieve your goal, start in the right way. Get as much information as possible about your resolution from professionals and don’t hesitate to ask for a personalized training program to start with a solid foundation and avoid injury. You can fill in this questionnaire if you would like to be contacted about having a personalized program to help you reach your goal.

It is also important that you realize the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Do you think you can get there in a week? Probably not, set yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your goal. Hundreds of ads will promise you miraculous results within days or weeks. The truth is, it probably won’t happen that way. Give yourself time to see the results and don’t be discouraged. It takes time to make a change in your lifestyle, otherwise you will go back to your old habits.

In summary, what does it take to achieve your goals? You must have a plan. You must have a precise and quantifiable objective, talk about it with your loved ones, know how to expect the unexpected, plan your weeks, and progress at your own pace according to your abilities and restrictions. If you would like to be coached in achieving your goals, you can request a personalized follow-up or write to me directly in the contact section.

Are you ready to start?

If you like have followed the step you might be ready to be active. You might want to make sure you are fully ready by reading the next article: Am I ready to get active?

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